Our Team

Thomas Henry House has been owned and operated by John and Gill for more than 20 years and who are still involved in the business.  In addition, the day to day running of the business is undertaken by Leanne and Jane, who is a Registered Nurse.

Between us we have close to 60 years hands on experience in the day to day running of our facility and believe we have created a wonderfully stable, family atmosphere. The multitude of skills and experience at our disposal enables us to be more proactive in providing to our client’s needs daily.  The familiar names and faces are a wonderfully calming impact on our residents.   

All staff members are involved in all aspects of the business from meal preparation, kitchen duty, medication, personal care supervision and office duties together with a whole host of other aspects of our client’s day to day lives. This provides us with the unique opportunity to be very hands on and to observe at a personal level the behaviour patterns and personalities of all our residents.  We know them all very well!  The environment we have created over many years of dedicated effort greatly enhances our ability to detect early any changes with our resident’s behaviour and to get them the necessary resources they may need.